The applications installs a single snippet called json-ld-for-seo.liquid into your theme's snippets directory. It also adds a single line of code including this snippet into your theme.liquid.

The snippet renders the appropriate type of JSON-LD markup for the page, whether you're on a regular content page, product page or article page.

We do not recommend making changes to json-ld-for-seo.liquid. This is because as new JSON-LD features become available, we will try to automatically roll them out to your store so that you can benefit from them without having to manually do anything. This means that any changes you make to json-ld-for-seo.liquid may be lost.

If you or your developer do have the need for some custom JSON-LD, you have two options:

  1. First, get in contact with us to let us know what you need! If the change you're after is something that could benefit all users of the app, we'd be happy to build it in to the app itself.
  2. If what you need is too custom, or you'd prefer to just make the changes yourself, you should make a duplicate copy of the json-ld-for-seo.liquid snippet - call it something like json-ld-for-seo-custom.liquid. Then, make your changes there and simple update the line {% include 'json-ld-for-seo' %} in your theme.liquid to read {% include 'json-ld-for-seo-custom' %}.