Smart Notifications allows you to automatically send order information from your Shopify store to you suppliers, vendors, staff and others. On this page, we're going to walk through the key ideas in Smart Notifications and explain how you can configure it to match the needs of your business.

You can also get a rundown of key Smart Notifications concepts and see how to set up your first notification by watching a screencast: Getting Started with Smart Notifications.


Notifications are the central concept in the app. You can create as many Notifications as you like, each with different configurations that control when the notification will be sent, which orders will trigger the notification, and how it should be delivered.

The main things you can control for a Notification are:

When notifications should be sent

You can choose to send notifications immediately when matching orders come in, or in a daily or weekly batch. The batch option is useful for high-volume stores that would like to consolidate order information before passing it along, e.g. to a supplier.


Not every order placed on your store needs to be passed along. That's why Smart Notifications allows you to define a custom order matching filter, to identify which orders should trigger the notification. The interface to manage this filter will be instantly familiar - it's the same as the way you'd set up a Smart Collection in your Shopify store.

In addition to order matching filters to determine which orders will trigger a notification, Smart Notifications allows you to create a line item filter as well. This allows you to filter out which individual line items in a customer's order you want to pass along in the notification — particularly useful if your notification is being sent along to a supplier who's only concerned with particular SKUs.

Notification output

The content of your notifications, and how they are delivered, is fully customisable. You can choose to send notifications as emails, emails with a CSV attachment, a webhook, or directly to another Shopify store.

Email templates are fully customisable and work in exactly the same way as the built-in Shopify email Liquid templates.

Getting help

If you're running in to any issues, or have a suggestion for us, you can email us directly — we'll get back to you as soon as we can!